Propeller Arena (Preview)

Although the Dreamcast may be on it's way out, don't
write it off as dead yet. There are several premier
titles still scheduled to be shipped before its
life cycle is up. One of these titles is the AM2
developed Propeller Arena.

In a nutshell Propeller is an arcade approach to the
air combat genre. Up to six players can battle it out
online. Yes you heard me, Propeller Arena will feature
full online support so you can engage in dog fights
with people all around the country.

The game's graphics are simply awe inspiring. The game
seems to run at a ultra smooth 60FPS offline. It is
yet to be determined how the game runs online. Combat
will take place in several different locations ranging
from a desolate canyon, to a busy commercial airport
complete with departing and incoming jets.

Players will battle it out in one of several WWII-esqe
planes. Each plane has its own attributes such as
armor and speed.

Finally the soundtrack is set to kick some serious ass
with tunes from bands like Consumed, and one of my
personal favorites, the Mad Caddies.

All in all Propeller Arena is shaping up to be a great
online experience. So get those pilot's goggles ready
when Propeller Arena takes to the skies later this




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